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Please visit our Online Services and COVID-19 pages for current info. We will mark the end of the COVID emergency with our community event, Hashiveinu: A Celebration of Return on Sunday, August 8.

Shabbat Morning Program

The educational programs at Shearith Israel serve to develop the creativity, character and Jewish literacy and spiritual life of our students and encourage them to live deeply within the values of Judaism.

• To centralize Shabbat, bringing it back into people’s lives, and to reinvigorate Saturday mornings in the synagogue
• To help foster deeper connections for participants with the larger congregational community
• To be able to teach more in depth Torah, Hebrew and prayer skills to those who are looking for depth
• To expose families to the beauty and tradition of Shabbat in a community

Students are given the opportunity to experience religious school through a variety of mediums and modalities that are specifically Shabbat centered.

The curriculum will be centered around the same core Jewish values that the Sunday/Wednesday program is centered around. The aspects of Shabbat, prayer, reading, will be emphasized more.


Enduring Understanding: Our Jewish community, our shared language, our sacred writings, our stories and our history as Jews help unite us and connect us to each other and to our Jewish identity. Our experience of time and celebration of important moments provides a lifelong, emotional, connection to our heritage, or culture and our values.


9:00-10:30- Curricular content – integrated into instructional time.  Classes divided according to age.  There will be combined ages for the pilot year.

  • Games
  • Hebrew vocab
  • Israel
  • Holidays
  • Life Cycle
  • Jewish values
  • Prayer/God

10:30-11:30- Family Service – Minyan Mercaz in Library

11:30 – Parsha activities or tefilla games

12:00 go into main service


9:00 – Students enter into building, greeted by teachers and walk over to the education building to start their day in their designated classrooms.

9:15-10:00  First perek (period)– Hebrew through games and tefillah, holiday

10:00-10:15 snack. Students will eat snack – learn food brachot, discuss names of foods in Hebrew

10:30-11:30 Service

11:30-12:00 Parshat HaShavuah activities – skits, q and a, making stories, drama games

Essential Questions

What is my relationship with Hebrew as the language of the Jewish people?

Does Israel make a difference in my life?

Can I connect to Israel through language?

What is my relationship with my congregation and my community?

How can Shabbat enhance my Judaism?

How can being here as a learner enhance my Shabbat experience?

How does Shabbat figure in my life as a committed Jew?

How do the Jewish people mark time through celebration, ritual and prayer?

Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781