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security @ shearith: Shomrim

Creating a welcoming and safe place of prayer, study, and community on Shabbat is one of our most important responsibilities. Traditionally, our volunteer “ushers” or “greeters” served in this role. Our Security Committee, in response to the shootings at Tree of Life synagogue and Chabad of Poway, has been working on how we at CSI can prepare for a security crisis or other emergencies. 

We are commanded in our Torah to “Shomer et Yom haShabbat L’kadsho, Guard the day of Shabbat and keep it holy.” Guarding Shabbat means being responsible for the sanctity and safety of the experience. Guarding Shabbat means warm smiles of welcome and clear instructions to newcomers. Guarding Shabbat also means being aware of anything that might disturb our sacred space. As we move forward, “greeters” and “ushers” will be referred to as “Shomrim”.

Following the guidance of Mr. Cathal Lucy, Director of Community-wide Security for the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and our own DeKalb County Marshal, Richard Berkowitz, we will begin recruiting and training Shomrim and offering crisis training for all CSI members.

Although we have professional security at all events, each officer has only one set of eyes and ears. In order to expand our zone of safety, we are eager to recruit a corps of Shomrim to serve during Shabbat and holiday services. Just as the biblical shomrim kept watch over Ancient Israel, we need Shomrim to watch over our shul.

Shomrim will welcome congregants and visitors; direct people to childcare and Tot Shabbat, restrooms and coat room; reunite lost children with parents and encourage a warm, fun and respectful atmosphere. Shomrim will also be trained to observe and report suspicious activity and will be familiar with emergency procedures.

Shomrim training was held on Sunday, September 8, 2019. The general membership training took place on Wednesday, September 11, 2019. On both days, we walked the entire building and learned how to appropriately respond to many scenarios.

A trained and committed group of volunteers will enhance our security while continuing our tradition of warmth and welcome.

If you have any questions, please email or call the Security Committee Chair, Brenda Leder, at, 404-452-4162.

If you attended a training and wish to sign-up for one or more Shomrim shifts in 5780, please complete the following form: 

I would like to be a Shomer on the following date(s). You may select more than one:


Sun, October 20 2019 21 Tishrei 5780