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Machaneh Shai Celebrates Earth Day

This past Sunday, the students commemorated Earth Day at Machaneh Shai with activities led by our teenager madrichimJoanna Kobylivker kicked off the morning, talking about the Jewish value of "Shomrei Ha'Adama" - Guarding our Earth, and watching over it - which is one of the first commandments given in the Torah.  

The students learned through a series of interactive rotations about water conservation, composting, and recycling. Each station was led by a pair of Madrichim.  Some of the things the students reflected on after each station:
"I learned how long it takes for materials to decompose."
"Less than 1% of the worlds water is drinkable so we need to conserve it."
"I learned how important composting is for our environment."

Tue, November 28 2023 15 Kislev 5784