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Shearith Israel for good

One of the basic tenets of our Shearith Israel community is that each of us has the capacity - and obligation - to do good. And, together we have been doing so for decades. We, literally and figuratively, pledge to ‘raise our hand’ to help our fellow humans, both within our Shearith community, and in the Greater Atlanta community as well.

With a century-plus history in Atlanta, our congregation has immense first-hand knowledge of the myriad opportunities and needs of our city. We support fellow congregants in times of joy and grief through the Gertrude and Edward Krick Chesed Society, and our congregation is passionate about demonstrating Ahavat Chinam, (‘love for the sake of love’) and doing good within the greater Atlanta area. 

We must ALL do our part and, within our Shearith Israel community, you’ll find a wide variety of ways to be of service! We have opportunities and initiatives for EVERYONE - whether you have an afternoon to spare, two minutes to shoot off an email, or are looking for an ongoing commitment. 

Have a look at the meaningful and impactful opportunities listed below, and click through to express your interest. 

Don’t see anything that sparks your interest but have an idea? Reach out to Jeff Kirsh, Board Member at Large --

And, if you are moved to provide financial support for any of our programs, please click here!  You can select from our specific initiatives, or designate Ahavat Chinam / Chesed.  Or, give to the General Fund and we will direct your support where it’s most needed.  



GERTRUDE AND EDWARD KRICK CHESED SOCIETY: Learn more about our many opportunities to offer support to our congregants and their families, such as providing meals for those in mourning, recovering from illness, or busy with a new addition!  


Our congregation hosts numerous ways to demonstrate our vision of ‘love for the sake of love’, Ahavat Chinam

 HELPING FEED FOOD-INSECURE FAMILIES: Bring the kids and/or grandkids in one of our popular family-friendly initiatives - Backpack Buddies! You’ll help provide food-insecure students (and their families) with backpacks full of healthy food for every weekend during the school year!  

 TUTORING TO SUPPORT K-12 STUDENTS: The learning challenges brought on by the pandemic has created a huge need for tutors - both virtual and in person - to support Atlanta students’ academic needs. We have partnered with established programs and will match you with the necessary training to assist a student in need of academic support!

 ADVOCATING FOR CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Interested in advocacy and strengthening our community from within? Get involved in volunteer opportunities led by local organizations the Georgia Justice Project and Repair the World Atlanta -- passionately devoted to helping streamline the process for individuals with criminal records to obtain employment and other important rights. 

 LENDING SUPPORT TO IMMIGRANTS, REFUGEES AND ASYLUM SEEKERS: Our mission to be a welcoming community of Jewish learning and spirituality in all that we do -- and our work to support immigrants, refugees and asylum-seekers is an extension of that work. Learn more about current and past events, and how you can get involved.

 ADDRESSING POLARIZATION IN OUR COMMUNITY: Help Rabbi Kaiman and the national movement, One America, make a difference! This group helps combat polarization and build connections through facilitated discussion amongst our neighbors.



REBECCA’S TENT: Rebecca’s Tent is a women’s homeless shelter located in the lower level of our building. Our congregation created the women’s shelter in 1983 in response to the growth of homelessness in Atlanta. It was one of the first women’s shelters in the City of Atlanta and the first homeless shelter housed in a synagogue in the United States. Since its founding, the Shelter has provided shelter and supportive services to over 1,200 homeless women.


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