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Our building is closed but we are still here for you! Please visit our Online Services and COVID-19 pages for info.

Backpack Buddies

One in six American children go hungry across the United States at some point during the year. Many families cannot afford to consistently purchase nutritious and wholesome food. Often times, these children receive their only good meals at school. Backpack Buddies provides food for these children on weekends to make sure they stay nourished. In addition to feeding children, volunteering with Backpack Buddies is a fun and easy way to connect with the Shearith Israel Community.

when/where we meet:

  • Once a month, a volunteer picks up food at Action Ministries Warehouse and brings it to Backpack Buddies’ designated shelves at CSI.
  • Once a month, a group of 4-5 volunteers meet at CSI and create an assembly line to add non-perishable milk, juice and snacks to the bags of food. These gatherings can take place on a Sunday or a weeknight, based on what works best for your group.
  • Once a week, a volunteer picks up the bags at CSI and delivers them to Springdale Park Elementary School (in Virginia-Highlands at Ponce de Leon Avenue at Briarcliff Road).

what we do:

CSI will feed 25 children who attend Springdale Park Elementary School (SPARK) every weekend during the school year. The children are chosen by the school counselor according to need.

CSI will also pick up food for, and add drinks and snacks to bags for, an additional 25 children at Dresden Elementary School. These will be delivered by The Assistance League.

how to get involved:

We need volunteers to make this work. You can volunteer once or multiple times. In addition, 

Non-perishable milk, juice and snack donations are appreciated.

Monetary donations are greatly appreciated to subsidize the food/beverage costs.

We invite you to fill out the interest form below so we can add you to our email list. If you have questions, please contact Terri Bagen at

Backpack Buddies Interest Form

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