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Our building is closed but we are still here for you! Please visit our Online Services and COVID-19 pages for info.

Daily Minyan

Shacharit, Monday – Friday:  7:00am; 6:50am on mornings when Torah is read. Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am
Mincha/Ma’ariv: Start times vary by season: consult calendar.

Daily Services

Minyan is held every morning and evening at Shearith Israel.  Weekday Shacharit begins at 7:00 a.m. (6:50 a.m. on days when the Torah is read); Sundays start at 9:00 a.m.; most federal holidays at 8:30 a.m. Weekday Mincha/Ma’ariv times vary between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. by season, so please consult the calendar for specific times.  Enter for minyan from our parking lot off University Drive.

Egalitarian services are led by volunteers in the traditional manner of Ashkenazi congregations, and are accessible to everyone no matter their level of knowledge.  If you are in mourning after the death of a loved one, observing a yarzheit, or want to join our kehilla for a few minutes of reflection and community, please join us any morning or evening.  If you are eager to lift your spiritual life through daily prayer, make the CSI minyan part of your routine.

Shiva Minyanim

Evening shiva minyanim are arranged in homes as required.  Please contact Rabbi Kaiman at to arrange.



During this unpredictable, challenging time, daily and Shabbat services will continue at the regular times in a virtual manner. We will count participants participating in these livestreamed services as part of a minyan, or prayer quorum, allowing members to recite full prayer services including Mourner's Kaddish.

Learn More & Livestream Services



To download the prayer book for weekday and Shabbat services, or to order a prayer book (or an Etz Chaim chumash), click the appropriate button below: 

Download Siddur Sim Shalom Weekday and Shabbat Services

Siddur Sim Shalom / Etz Chaim Chumash - ORDER HERE



As congregants may be participating in services from home with a variety of siddurim, please find a breakdown of page numbers for prayer services across the Rabbinical Assembly's Sim Shalom and Lev Shalem siddurim.

Siddur "Crosswalk" for Shabbat

Siddur "Crosswalk" for Weekdays



Shearith Israel tefila is lay led; we are eager to expand the group of Shearith Israelites who lead services, chant Haftara, and leyn Torah. To leyn Torah, please contact Andrea Seidel Slomka at To to lead a Shabbat or Yom Tov service or chant Haftara, please contact Michael Rich at Weekday service leaders are chosen on the spot, so just show up and make known your yarzheit/mourning or other interest in leading.  We would be enthusiastic about helping you learn (or brush up on) these skills: let Andrea or Michael know, and/or check out our study resource guides: 


Reflections on Praying with a Conservative Minyan

“…people seemed to daven as if they meant it.  They exuded this sense that something could happen in prayer.” –Rabbi Elie Kaunfer. Empowered Judaism 2010, p.8.

“This is really a good tent of Jacob, you know, a place where I am happy to dwell, an honest-to-goodness house of G-d.”-Arnold Eisen, Chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary. Conservative Judaism: Today and Tomorrow, 2015, p.25.

Prayer is many things to each of us, often different things on different days.  These personal reflections by Conservative/Masorti Jews share their experiences of minyan:

How To Say Kaddish For Your Father in 7 Different Cities by Rob Kutner

Reflections on my Mother’s Death: Minyan by Mark Novak

Thoughts as the End of Kaddish Nears by Bruce Stiftel


SI Minyan Listserv

You may join the SI Minyan newsgroup by emailing Members of this listserv may post messages on the forum advising others of an upcoming yahrzeit or simcha, notifying the group if a regular attendee will be missing services, and other minyan-related matters.

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