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The Gertrude and Edward Krick Chesed Society’s mission is to offer support, comfort, consolation or congratulations, for a variety of circumstances and experiences by congregational members and their families. It was launched in 1999 by seed money from congregants Gertrude and Edward Krick, and has continued to be funded for the past 20 years by donations from the Krick family, and members of our congregation. 

Our congregation is here for YOU for the broad spectrum of all life cycle events -- those both celebrated and mourned. The Krick Chesed Society assists with it all, thanks to the volunteers who “raise a hand” and do good for our community!

Examples of how the Krick Chesed Society lends a hand to our congregants:

  • Providing a shiva meal for a family who has just returned from the funeral of a beloved family member. 
  • Shiva house assistance for the mourning family
  • Visiting those who are ill or recuperating (at home or in hospital)
  • Providing transportation to those in need of rides to/from doctor’s appointments 
  • New Baby Squad: Assisting with helping to fill and/or deliver a beautiful basket with items for the new baby and family.
  • Correspondence / Card writing: Send a quick note to congratulate the family on a simcha, or to offer support to the family who has experienced a loss. 
  • Meal Trains: Assisting with coordination of a meal train (preparation and delivery of home cooked or pre-ordered meals) 

Interested in getting involved? Reach out to Arlene Koslow at, or call 404-259-7391. 

Mi Shebairach (Prayer for the sick) & Bikkur Cholim (visitng the sick):

If you or a loved one is ill and would like to be included in our Mi Shebairach prayers for a complete and speedy recovery, click here:

Mi Shebairach Form

To sign-up to call and/or visit members who are ill or in need, complete the following form: 

Chesed Visits & Phone Calls: Bikkur Cholim Form


Model seder 2023: sunday, april 2 @ 4:30 pm

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Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784