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Current Volunteer Opportunities


We must ALL do our part and, within our Shearith Israel community, you’ll find a wide variety of ways to be of service! We have opportunities and initiatives for EVERYONE - whether you have an afternoon to spare, two minutes to shoot off an email, or are looking for an ongoing commitment.  Please check back regularly as we are always adding new ways to get involved.

Poll watchers & attorneys needed


Shearith Israel is joining a nationwide, bipartisan community effort to ensure election integrity and accessibility. The effort, A More Perfect Union, was launched by Jewish alumni of the Bush and Obama administrations. We are a part of a diverse group of Jewish organizations across Atlanta and the country, representing all political stripes. 


Shearith Israel is participating by signing up 18 pairs of poll watchers and 18 attorneys.


What you’ll do if you’re a poll watcher:

It’s a 4 hour commitment to simply be a witness and offer help if needed. Typical helping just means you’ll help  folks who came to the wrong polling place find the right one. You’ll work with a Shearith buddy (sign up with a friend or let us pair you up!). Atlanta Public Schools (among others) are closed on Election Day, so if you have kids, bring them too! This is important work – it’s democracy up close, and anyone can do it, including teenagers. (AND, if your teen is tech savvy or speaks Spanish, their help would be especially appreciated!)


What you’ll do if you’re an attorney:

Not that you lawyers don’t make good poll watchers, but your country needs you elsewhere. 😉 Attorneys across the country will staff hotlines or provide counsel for election officials. You do not need to be an election lawyer to do this work - it’s open to any attorney practicing or non-practicing. We just need your wisdom and good judgment!


If you read the news every morning and feel concern for this country, our republic, and the future of our democracy, please join us. If you agree that the Jewish community has an important role to play in our civic life, please join us by registering below.


Volunteer Here


If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Samara Minkin or Elise Eplan.



Tutors for a Ukrainian Refugee Family
CSI sponsors a Ukrainian refugee family who needs help learning English. The parents need support to help them with job interviews and basic living and the children need help with homework. You do not need to be trained in ESL there is support out there for you.Tutoring can be in-person or via Zoom. Please contact Sara Duke to sign up.



Jewish Literacy Project
CSI has paired with NCJW for the Jewish Literacy Project. We are working with Title 1 schools with young children and you can set your hours and can even pair with someone to fill a volunteer slot. Please contact Sara Duke to sign up.


Through a partnership with Backpack Buddies of Metro Atlanta and local schools, CSI provides food for children who might otherwise not have enough to eat each weekend. If you are interested in volunteering to help this fall, please sign up to volunteer.

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784