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On 14 Adar (Monday March 6, after sunset), Congregation Shearith Israel was packed for a fun-filled dinner and Megillah of Esther reading for Purim. CSI members, visitors, and guests were dressed up in a variety of costumes, some traditional, some modern, and all very festive. There were many Esthers and Mordechais, plus hippies, construction workers, pizzas, bananas, astronauts, butterflies, martial artists, cartoon characters, and more! Many of these ended up in the Purim costume contest! Luckily, there were no jealous Vashtis when the winners were declared.

The main event was a multi-media, inter-generational Megillah reading that was acted out by a large cast in front of the bimah. There was singing, there was a little dancing, and there was lots of over-acting.  In short, it was everything to want from a festive Megillah reading, and then some. Groggers and boos abounded throughout the sanctuary every time you-know-who was mentioned in the Megillah!

Served before the reading was a lovely meal of gourmet mac and cheese with all the fixings followed by lots of hamantaschen. Some congregants also imbibed on delicious ales, but none acted like King Ahasuerus.

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784