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community women's seder: "dayenu! it is enough! dayenu? or is it?"

Sara Duke, Lindy Miller, Samara Minkin


Nearly 100 women from around Atlanta gathered at Shearith Israel just before Pesach 2023 / 5783 to take part in the 5th annual Community Women’s Seder. The Seder was organized by the National Council of Jewish Women Atlanta Section, Congregation Shearith Israel and Ma’alot. Led by Ma’alot’s Rabbi Ariel Root Wolpe, the Seder explored the theme “Dayenu! It is enough! Dayenu? Or is it?”

The original Haggadah drew from many sources collected over the decade. Participants lifted up the stories of five Sheros: Miriam, Yohcheved (mother of Moses, Miriam and Aaron), Batya (Pharaoh’s daughter) and the midwives who refused Pharaoh’s orders, Shifra and Puah. Each Shero took significant, important risks to save lives during the Exodus story - each of them playing a critical role in the work toward liberation. Beautiful melodies, stories and poetry written and curated by women carried participants through the Seder. 

The beautiful Haggadah offered new interpretations of familiar parts of the Seder - the Four Questions reimagined (when will people stop thinking it’s only important for girls - and not boys - to learn about Jewish women’s history?); the Four Children (the four daughters - including the wicked daughter who dares to challenge the simplistic answers she has been given); and the plagues (kinim - homelessness that forces so many to live in filth and degradation and dever - the pollution in our environment). 

Each of the blessings, recited in the feminine form, expressed gratitude for the symbols of the holiday - and showcased Sephardic, Ashkenazi and modern traditions.

All who had the opportunity to experience this incredible Community Women’s Seder will undoubtedly enter into this year’s Passover with new rituals and much to consider.

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784