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the great hang!

There are many different ways that people relate to/with their synagogue for their spiritual, familial and personal lives. On 11/11, Shearith Israel was able to add "Karaoke throwdown" into the mix! The "Great Hang", spearheaded by the brilliant trio of Jaci Effron, Sara Duke, and Robin Rosenberg had our members mingling, munching delicious food, and imbibing bespoke cocktails with clever names such as "The Burning Bush". 
Quite a few members noted that since the terrible events of October 7th, things have felt dark and joyless. But there was much catharsis in the act of being together, breaking bread and singing... LOUDLY and with gusto. Our fantastic SI staff joined in and the team truly got the room up and dancing. 
It is scientifically proven that singing releases serotonin, a neurotransmitter that can help prevent depression. Singing also releases dopamine, which activates the brain's pleasure center. It is also known that it is physically impossible for a crowd to hear someone sing "Sweet Caroline" and not sing (LOUDLY) BOP BOP BOP... I bet you just sang that in your head. And now you've released serotonin. And now you've recreated a tiny fraction of the joy and delight that was the Great Hang! 
Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784