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B'nai Mitzvah guide - Your Family's Support Team & Their Roles

Nancy Gorod (Director of Congregational Learning)

The director of congregational learning is the “quarterback” of the B’nai Mitzvah process. Nancy runs the process of assigning dates to B-Mitzvah students, maintains the list of tutors, and coordinates other members of the team.


Rabbi Kaiman

The Rabbi meets with the parents and B-Mitzvah student about 1 year in advance to learn a text that places the B-Mitzvah process in the context of broader meaning-making rituals. Typically about 6 months prior to the celebration, Rabbi Kaiman then meets 1-1 with B-Mitzvah students a number of times to discuss the meaning of the weekly Parasha the weekend of the B-Mitzvah and guides the B-Mitzvah student through the process of preparing a Davar Torah.



The B-Mitzvah tutor is hired directly by the family to help the B-Mitzvah grow in the synagogue skills for the celebration of the B-Mitzvah. These skills typically include reciting the Haftarah, reading from the Torah, and leading sections of the service. The tutor helps set goals that are difficult, but attainable. 

Different students have different needs, and we support the family by working with a number of tutors, who each have their own methods and approaches that are consistent with our broader goals.

You should select a tutor more than a year in advance to have adequate time to prepare.

Approved Tutors 


Adam Klein (Rabbinic Assistant and Marketing Coordinator)

Adam coordinates the honors list for Shabbat and prepares the Gabbai Sheet used by Rabbi Kaiman at the celebration. Adam handles all scheduling for Rabbi Kaiman. He also serves as general support for logistical questions regarding the B-Mitzvah process.    


Jodi Salomon (Executive Director)

Jodi handles all facility rentals, and Kiddush luncheon related questions. 


Erin Chernow - Journey to Adulthood (J2A)

Erin created and runs as a volunteer a series of 7 workshops over the course of 18 months. The goal of these workshops is to create and deepen connections between our students in different religious education programs. 

Parents and students will learn together and delve deeper into the meaning and practice of the Bar Mitzvah. We will meet periodically throughout the year on Sundays for an interactive discussion to build community and learn together as we journey through this stage of your lives as families. All of the sessions are for parents and students.

Sun, August 14 2022 17 Av 5782