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B'nai Mitzvah guide - Meals

Eating Together

The first word in the name of our synagogue is “Congregation.” Here at Congregation Shearith Israel it is our mission to create meaningful and lasting Jewish experiences and connections to others. We accomplish this through our sense of passion and feelings of warmth in our place of comfort and celebration.

All Simchas promote a sense of connection and community. In this regard, the most basic mitzvah we can perform is to break bread with our family, friends, and fellow congregants. It is with this in mind that the family of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah hosts the Kiddush luncheon.

Learn more and find a list of approved kosher caterers below


Shabbat Morning Kiddush Luncheon

Families of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Shearith Israel are expected to host the Kiddush luncheon at the conclusion of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah Shabbat Service. Arrangements should typically be provided for 65 - 85 regular Shearith Israel congregants in addition to your invited guests.

Shearith Israel provides wine and grape juice for the kiddush as well as all cutleryplates, silverware, serving utensils, napkins, cups, etc. In order to achieve our goal of sustainability, caterers are not permitted to bring plastic ware (plates, bowls, utensils, etc.). The plates and cups we provide are compostable and should be placed after use in the green bins rather than the blue recycling or black garbage bins.

Please coordinate and share the following details with Executive Director Genea Moore at / 404-873-1743:

  • Which caterer you will use (see list of approved caterers below)
  • the # of anticipated guests
  • if CSI or the caterer will be preparing and setting out coffee and tea 
  • if the caterer is providing staff for prep, buffet set-up, cleaning, dishwashing, etc., or if you'll be hiring wait staff through CSI (see below)
  • questions regarding food requirements and fees
  • special set-up requests for the layout of the buffet, tables, and chairs 
  • Will you be using CSI's linen tablecloths or bringing your own? (See below.)
  • The names of the kiddush sponsors for inclusion on signage on the buffet. 


Most caterers provide a team of servers to prepare, set out and arrange the Kiddush, and clean up after the luncheon on Saturdays. If your caterer does not have such staff and you need Shearith Israel to secure host/staff for this purpose, please let us know. You will be responsible for the fee for the serving staff.   


Most families place their own store-bought tablecloths matching the color scheme for their event on top of our regular white vinyl coverings. CSI has the following linen tablecloths available for use:

  • 12 cream colored of various lengths (circular)
  • 30 black (circular) [+ 20 black rectangular tablecloths]
  • 6 navy blue (rectangular only)

Our tables for the kiddush are 72" rounds, while the buffet is set out on 6' and/or 8' rectangular tables. 

Please note: There is a laundering fee to use the synagogue's linens ($22 per piece for 6' or 8' rectangular tablecloths; $28-$30 per piece for 72" round tablecloths).

As an alternative, we recommend renting linen tablecloths at a more affordable price from Cover Ups

Linen tablecloths are a green-friendly option as they reduce the use of plastic and its waste. 


It is the family's responsibility to set any centerpieces, if applicable, on the tables for the Kiddush luncheon. Please do so on the Thursday or Friday preceding the Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


friday evening shabbat dinner + Bar/bat mitzvah party 

If you choose to have your Friday Evening Shabbat dinner at Shearith Israel or wish to rent our space for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah party, please contact Genea Moore, Executive Director, at / 404-873-1743 to reserve either Social Hall.



(in alphabetical order)

Avenue K – (770) 578-1110

Catering by L – (770) 820-4795

EB's Ghost Kitchen – (347) 988-4279

Formaggio Mio – (678) 973-0360

Gourmet Catering by Alex – (404) 786-8133

Kosher Gourmet – Steve Gilmer (404) 636-1114

A Kosher Touch – Sandra Bank (770) 321-9592

The Spicy Peach – Lydia Schloss (404) 334-7200

Fri, February 23 2024 14 Adar I 5784