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B'nai Mitzvah guide - Creating a Sacred Space

participation on zoom & E-Siddur:

For a guide to the best possible virtual Shabbat morning service experience, Zoom tips, and information on how to download the siddur, or prayer book, and the weekly Torah portion for your child(ren)'s simcha, click the button below.

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what to wear:


Please ask ALL men and boys, and women who wear Kippot (Yarmulke), to keep it on at all times while in the synagogue building, even after the service concludes. B-Mitzvah families typically provide kippot for their invited guests. It is recommended that families order a minimum of 5 dozen Kippot or enough for their invited male and female guests. These items will be displayed on the reception table outside the Sanctuary on Shabbat morning.

Shabbat Attire

The clothing we wear convey an attitude of holiness and respect. Below are recommendations.

For the Bar/Bat Mitzvah:

Boys - Suit or sport jacket with tie
Girls – Proper suit or modest dress, of appropriate length, which covers the shoulders.


For Invited Guests

Men - Suit or sport jacket with tie or business attire
Women – Appropriate suit, dress or pants (Shoulders must be covered while in the Sanctuary)


When on the Bima

Men – Kippot and Tallit must be worn
Women – Head Covering and Tallit must be worn
(Tallit does not have to be worn on the Lower Bima while leading an English reading)


It is our custom for all Jewish males above the age of Bar Mitzvah to wear tallit. Jewish women above the age of Bat Mitzvah may choose, of their own accord, to wear tallit as well. Tallit must be worn by both males and females while on the Bima in the performance of any ritual act.



Please ask friends and family not to bring gifts to the synagogue the morning of the service.

Cell phones/Tablets

In observance of Shabbat and Festivals, all cell phones must be turned off and/or silenced so as not to disrupt the service. Cell phone or tablet usage of any kind is prohibited on Shabbat throughout the building and synagogue property.


On Shabbat, smoking is prohibited everywhere on synagogue property. This includes the entire building, bathrooms, hallways and parking lot.

Photography and Videography

No photography or videography, including photos taken by cell phone, is permitted by family or guests during services or while on synagogue property.

Sanctuary and Bima Decorations

Some families choose to decorate our Bima with fresh flowers and/or “Renterpieces” from JF&CS. There are a variety of “Renterpieces” available with the proceeds supporting the programs of Jewish Family and Career Services (including emergency assistance funds and the kosher food pantry.)

Booklets and/or Programs

Creating a booklet or program that identifies your honorees is a meaningful way to enhance the Shabbat experience. Samples of previous programs are available, and assistance with your booklet or program can be provided by the Rabbinic Assistant.

Please submit a “rough draft” of your program to the Rabbinic Assistant ( for approval at least 3 weeks prior to your service. Plan to print 50 additional programs for congregants attending Shabbat services. They should be delivered to the synagogue by 12:00 noon on the Friday before the simcha.


It is a tradition at Shearith Israel that candy is GENTLY tossed at the Bar or Bat Mitzvah in celebration of a sweet life. All candies MUST have a Hechsher (Kosher Certification Marking) and be individually wrapped. Please note: No chocolate is permitted. Our recommended candy is “Sunkist Fruit Gems”, which may be ordered here or purchased locally.

The baskets for this candy will be provided by the synagogue. It is usually distributed by younger family members during the service and is thrown when the Rabbi gives a signal. This candy must also be delivered to the synagogue no later than 12:00pm on the Friday before the simcha.

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