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Finance and Development Committee

The Finance and Development Committee oversees all financial issues, budget development and compliance, fundraising, and management and investment of the congregation’s assets, such as the endowment, restricted, and general operating funds.  In addition, the Finance and Development chair oversees five subcommittees:  investment, building and grounds, cemetery, fundraising, and special considerations.

For more information, please contact Blair Rothstein at

Religious Life Committee

The Religious Life Committee, together with the clergy, works to maintain, improve, and develop the religious life of the congregation and its members.  Together with the Rabbi, the committee helps formulate and publish religious practices and policies following the interpretation and limits of halacha established by the Rabbi, and offers advice and guidance in regards to various religious practices.

For more information, please contact Baruch Stiftel at

Jewish Learning Committee

The Jewish Learning Committee is responsible for developing educational, cultural, and social programs for families, adults, and youth at Congregation Shearith Israel.  Together with the Director of Congregational Learning, the committee helps supervise the religious program for children, and develops an ongoing educational program for families of the congregation.

For more information, please contact Julie Zeff at

Member Engagement and Involvement Committee

The Member Engagement and Involvement Committee develops programs to encourage affiliation and maintaining membership with the congregation.  The committee receives applications for membership, reviews them, and presents them to the Board for approval.  Also, the committee promotes active participation in congregation activities and programs, and helps maintain a direct connection with Jewish and other organizations in the community.

For more information, please contact Jaime Wender at

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee oversees Board practices and policies, leads the annual performance review of the Board, develops policies for an annual Board orientation, and holds the Board and its members accountable for following the rules, policies, and procedures.

For more information, please contact Faith Levy at

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee guides the development, review, and authorization of personnel policies, procedures, and job descriptions.  The committee is responsible for evaluations of the Rabbi and Executive Director, serves as a liaison between employees and the Board, and makes recommendations to the Board with regard to hiring and evaluating Congregation Shearith Israel’s staff.

For more information, please contact Jerry Rothenberg at

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