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Hashiveinu: A Message from Rabbi Kaiman

Hashiveinu: A Celebration of Return

Sunday, August 8 @ 10:15am


For almost 18 months, our community has operated in a state of emergency. The gift of open minds, science, and technology have taught us how this virus is transmitted, and how dangerous it is. We now have effective and reliable tools to fight this virus with the vast majority of our congregation vaccinated and the effectiveness of covering our faces and noses indoors.  

Even with the rising cases caused by the more transmissible Delta variant, it is time for Shearith to mark a new phase of our approach.

We’ll begin: As we gather to finally see the faces of our community, listening to the beautiful music our community created with Ori Salzberg. Together we’ll sing Hinei Mah Tov U’Manayim - literally noting how good it will be for us to be together again. 

We’ll dance: Our Torah Scrolls, that have lived in the homes of loving and dedicated congregants during the pandemic will return home to our sanctuary. Singing “Hashivenu” we will joyously dance them down University Drive to our parking lot.  

We’ll grieve: We cannot fully return joyously until we have collectively grieved together. Every one of us lost something during this pandemic. Together we’ll acknowledge the people, the time, the experiences that we will never get back. We will hear from one another, feel our loss, and grieve. We will say “El Malei Rachamim” and Mourners Kaddish.  

We’ll reflect: Before we transition back into our Shearith Israel sanctuary, we will take some time to reflect on the silver linings, the newfound wisdom, the miracles that carried us through this difficult time. We will express our gratitude for surviving a long journey or life threatening experience together as a community.

We will recite Birkat HaGomel, the prayer for surviving a long journey or life threatening experience, recognizing that while the pandemic still rages in so many places, our local community can move past the emergency the pandemic presented. 

We’ll transition: We will sound the shofar, awakening our hearts to be ready for the upcoming transformation of the High Holiday season.  Hearts opened, all who are ready to move inside will parade the Torah scrolls back into the Sanctuary, and will have the opportunity to stand before the open Aron HaKodesh for a moment of personal prayer.

We’ll eat from a delicious vegan food truck together.   

Something for everyone: During the whole experience, children are invited to participate in a group art project conceived by Judy Robkin, and implemented by our talented USYers. After the ritual, there will be more fun activities to keep them engaged and occupied.  

I’ve shared almost everything we will be doing together, but I’ve held back a couple of surprises still within the ritual. You’ll have to come to find out what they are, and I really hope you do. 

We will begin at 10:15AM at the crest of our property where University Drive and Spring Valley Split. A police presence will be there to keep traffic off the street. Parking will be on Spring Valley or Lanier Drive.

With immense gratitude that we are so close to this moment,



Rabbi Ari Kaiman

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An Intentional Space for Reflection


Mon, October 3 2022 8 Tishrei 5783