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For information on how Shearith Israel is working to combat the spread of COVID-19, please visit the links on our homepage. All morning and evening services, as well as programming and meetings, are being held as virtual gatherings via Zoom. Please visit our homepage and calendar for additional details.


From Sukkot to Purim, Passover to Simchat Torah, Judaism includes the celebration of so many beautiful, meaningful holidays throughout the year.

During Sukkot, we celebrate in our Sukkah; participating in the ancient traditions of the lulav and etrog, while singing special melodies and reciting special prayers.

For Simchat Torah, we unroll the entire Torah with Rabbi Kaiman.

Purim, one of the most festive Jewish holidays, includes our annual Shpiel of humorous skits and trivia, a full reading of the Megillah, and our Purim family event.

Pesach includes full services, and Tu b’Shevat celebrates creation and the bounties of the earth. And, of course, trees!

During Chanukah, there is always something for the children as we end the secular year with a celebration of light and rededication.

In all, Congregation Shearith Israel makes every effort to recognize and celebrate every special Jewish occasion throughout the year.

Sat, July 4 2020 12 Tammuz 5780