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Life Cycle

In the daily grind of work and school, the rhythm of life sometimes seems more like the tyranny of the clock and calendar. Judaism brings a sense of meaning, with the weekly celebration of Shabbat and the joy of simchas – births, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, anniversaries, holidays. It provides faith, comfort and community when we need support during times of loss. Life cycle events allow us to come together, appreciate our families and friends and reconnect with our heritage. The sanctity of Jewish ritual binds us to those who have come before, and it lights the path for those who follow.

Rabbi Kaiman, our executive and professional staff and the facility of Shearith Israel are at your disposal for guidance and support in times of celebration and of sorrow.

Traditionally, Jewish life is punctuated by certain milestones — birth, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, anniversaries, Shabbat, and holidays.  Our Judaism so often gets reignited during these important times.  We are enriched by our ancient heritage as we celebrate each of these life cycle and calendar events.  The sanctity of Jewish ritual binds us to those who have come before us, and it lights the path for those who are following us.


Brit Milah & Baby Namings

Both boys and girls are celebrated as they enter the world and join the community and the covenant with God. Upon the birth of a son or daughter, please notify the Rabbi immediately. Rabbi Kaiman will assist you with the selection of an appropriate and qualified Mohel for boys, and will discuss the contemporary ceremonies which celebrate the birth of a girl. Rabbi Kaiman will officiate at the brit milah or baby naming.

Traditionally, all members of the community are welcome at these simchas. Congregants are asked to review the food to be served at a bris or baby naming with the Rabbi.


B’nai Mitzvah

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration is one of the biggest occasions in a young person’s life. At Shearith Israel, we believe the primary focus for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah should be the learning, study and preparation that is the foundation of their adult Jewish Education. Membership requirements and synagogue policies and practices for Bar/Bat Mitzvah are detailed in the B’nai Mitzvah Handbook. Learn more at the Journey to Adulthood webpage (J2A) here.



Rabbi Kaiman asks to meet with all couples immediately after they get engaged, and before they have made any specific wedding plans. The Rabbi meets with couples several times in the months prior to their wedding to discuss Jewish family values, wedding customs, specific halachic requirements, and to assist them in the planning of the wedding and celebration.

For more information, please email Rabbi Kaiman at or call him at the synagogue office.


Judaism by Choice

This program is designed for people who are interested in learning more about Judaism or considering converting. Rabbi Kaiman provides extensive counseling and learning.


Death & Illness



Rabbi Kaiman and the Chesed Society help provide members of Congregation Shearith Israel with shiva meals, condolence calls, hospital visits, and visits to the homebound, They also congratulate members, when they also are in need and assist on joyous occasions when they are in need.



Rabbi Kaiman and the rest of the Shearith Israel family are available to assist and comfort you. We are privileged to have a Chevra Kadisha at Shearith Israel, a group of devoted congregants who respectfully observe the ritual purification and preparation for burial of our deceased congregants. Our Sisterhood prepares the first shiva meal following a funeral, and the congregation will provide a minyan at your home during the entire shiva period.

The synagogue also has morning and evening minyans every day for those saying kaddish and observing yahrzeits. In addition, the Shearith Israel Chesed Society is ready to provide added support to help families cope with the difficult challenges of illness and bereavement.

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