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For information on how Shearith Israel is working to combat the spread of COVID-19, please visit the links on our homepage. All morning and evening services, as well as programming and meetings, are being held as virtual gatherings via Zoom. Please visit our homepage and calendar for additional details.

Mishmar Ruach (Spirit Cycle)

Every Thursday evening at 8pm we will be gathering to enrich the spiritual and musical culture of our community! The schedule will alternate between the Singing Circle - when we meditate together in song, and the Tefila Leader Cohort - a prayer lab in which we will share tunes, study Nusach (traditional chanting) and build up the group of Shlichei Tzibbur - Prayer Leaders.

Please note: Mishmar Ruach is on hiatus for June - July 2020. Stay tuned for its return after summer "break" - the start date will be posted here and on the calendar page of the website.    

Mishmar Ruach on Zoom - Gather Here

Singing Circle

Following the teachings and methods of Joey Weisenberg, we simply gather in a circle to sing, tuning in to those around us. We sing familiar and unfamiliar tunes in a meditative group experience which opens the heart and warms the soul. We juxtapose Nigunim (tunes) that are hundreds of years old that take on fresh meaning, alongside brand new tunes that capture and inspire our hopes for the future.

Tefila Leader Cohort

This time is dedicated to building a cohort of prayer leaders in our congregation and for enhancing our abilities to lead with joy and musicality. Each gathering will begin with a short study into a tune and a text. Then we’ll break into pairs and smaller groups to share our knowledge and shore up areas in which we are not as confident.

What is Mishmar?

In many traditional Jewish communities, including Yeshivot (academies) and institutions of study, Thursday nights are devoted to learning programs called Mishmar - an opportunity for enrichment and spiritual growth - featuring a traditional meal of chulent. Mishmar literally means ‘guard’ based on the idea that, similar to a military rotation for watch, a community appoints people to keep the spiritual life going. Our Mishmar Ruach or Spirit Cycle, led by Spiritual Music Innovator Ori Salzberg, is an opportunity to enrich ourselves and our communal spiritual life.

To learn more, contact Ori Salzberg at

Thu, June 4 2020 12 Sivan 5780