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Our building is closed but we are still here for you! Please visit our Online Services and COVID-19 pages for info.

Passover 5780

Chag sameach! Shearith Israel wishes you and your family a joyful, kosher and meaningful Passover holiday in these particularly challenging, unique times. Below please find a variety of information regarding preparing your home for Passover, tips and resources for seders during these days of social distancing, open virtual seders, the rituals of searching for and burning chametz (unleavened products), a form to sell your chametz, and a schedule of CSI's Passover services for which we will gather online via Zoom.

Passover begins on the evening of Wednesday, April 8, 2020, with Yom Tov on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 10. 

The final two days of Passover are Yom Tov as well, beginning Tuesday evening, April 14 through Thursday night, April 16. Yizkor will be recited during Yom Tov morning services on Thursday, April 16 at approximately 11am

Passover Service Times:

All services are being held virtually on Zoom via the button below. 

Services via Zoom - Gather Here


The Rabbinical Assembly Guide provides a comprehensive review of the ways that different kinds of dishes, utensils, and cookware can be made Kosher for Passover. There is also great guidance to which foods are permissible and which are forbidden.  

During this time when restaurants are closed, and visits to the grocery story should be minimized, I recommend that we begin the process of preparing our homes for Passover a few days earlier, if we are able.  

  1. Start by making the kitchen and dining area the only place that Chametz can be consumed.  
  2. Move one room at a time, with a thorough vacuum, sweep, and wipedown of all surfaces. Go under couches and into cushions. Any place that a crumb might have fallen deserves to be checked.
  3. When you’re ready for a “Chametz free home” move onto the Kitchen and dining areas. Consult the guide for advice.  


This comprehensive list makes Passover shopping so much easier! You’ll be fine as long as you thoroughly avoid any wheat, barley, oat, spelt, or rye products. Lots of natural foods like fruits, vegetables, Kosher meat, fish, and dairy products are great!  


Rabbi Kaiman's Virtual Seder Preparation Guide

Kveller Article on Preparing a Seder

My Jewish Learning - Basic Seder Tips

Ron Wolfson on Passover Seder During Pandemic

Tips for a solo or small Seder

Ron Wolfson - tips for a memorable seder

Four Children and COVID-19


Neveh Shalom - Portland, OR (Conservative, 2nd Night)

Virtual Seder for Kids - St. Louis JCC (Non-denominational, 2nd night)

Women's Seder with Deborah Sacks-Mintz (Sunday, 4/5/2020 5:30 PM - 6:45 PM)

B'nai Moshe - (Conservative, First Night)

Etz Chaim Atlanta's 30-minute family seder (Conservative, 1st night 5:00-5:30)

Ner Shalom (Reform, both nights)

Tiferet Israel, (Conservative, First Night)

B'nai Jeshurun, Ohio, (Conservatve, Second Night)

Beth El, Yardley PA, (Conservative, Second Night)

We’ll add to this list as we find more. If you hear about more, please share with the synagogue and we’ll publicize it. 

Mechirat Chametz - Selling Chametz

Visit the link below to complete a short form to sell your leavened products and other food not acceptable during Passover. If possible, all Chametz, or materials containing such unacceptable food - should be destroyed or given away before the holiday begins. Should this be impossible, the Chametz may be stored in such a way that you are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends. The Chametz Sale Form has now closed. Have a meaningful and kosher holiday!

Bedikat Chametz - Searching for Leaven

The ritual of Bedikat Chametz, searching for leaven, is traditionally performed the night before Passover begins, which will be Tuesday night, April 7, this year. Consult the Passover Guide or view this document for information on this act of physical and spiritual cleansing. While we typically provide Bedikat Chametz kits, we will be unable to do so this year due to the pandemic. The items used in a Bedikat Chametz kit include a feather, paper bag, and a candle.

Biur Chametz - Burning of the Chametz

All chametz gathered during the ritual of Bedikat Chametz should be burned on Wednesday, April 8, before 12pm. Although we typically welcome congregants to burn their chametz in the Shearith Israel parking lot, we will not be providing a fire pit to do so this year, and encourage community members to do so at their homes. Consult the Passover Guide or view this document for information on Biur Chametz, the burning of chametz.

Shearith Seder Connection

There's no better time than the seder to gather, build community, and celebrate our Judaism together. In lieu of in-person shared seders, this year we encourage you to experience the seder together online. Sign-up via the appropriate form below, and we'll do our best to match virtual hosts and guests. (If you already completed a pre-COVID 19 guest form, we will assume you wish to be a virtual guest.)




Services via Zoom - Gather Here

Wednesday, April 8

7am - Morning Services

8am Seudah of First Born w/ Mishna Study

(1st Seder)

Thursday, April 9

Pesach I

9am Yom Tov Morning Services

(2nd seder)

Friday, April 10

Pesach II

9am Yom Tov Morning Services

8:30pm Mincha/Ma'ariv

Saturday, April 11

Shabbat Chol Hamoed

9am Shabbat Morning Services

10:30am - Torah Study (Gather Here)

8:30pm Mincha/Ma'ariv/Havdalah

Sunday, April 12

Chol Hamoed

9am - Morning Services

7pm Evening Services

Monday, April 13

Chol Hamoed

6:50am - Morning Services

7pm Evening Services

Tuesday, April 14

Chol Hamoed

6:50am - Morning Services

7pm Evening Services

Wednesday, April 15

Yom Tov / Pesach VII

9am Yom Tov Morning Services

8:30pm Mincha/Ma'ariv

Thursday, April 16

Yom Tov / Pesach VIII

9am Yom Tov Morning Services / Yizkor

8:30pm Mincha/Ma'ariv

8:40pm Chametz can be eaten

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781