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Passover 5779

For complete info on Passover at Shearith Israel, including a passover preparation guide, view our PASSOVER BOOKLET.

Passover begins on the evening of Friday, April 19, 2019, with Yom Tov on Shabbat, April 27, and Sunday, April 28. The 1st seder is held Friday night, April 19, and the 2nd seder is Saturday night, April 20.

The final two days of Passover are Yom Tov as well, beginning Thursday evening, April 25 through Saturday night, April 27. Yizkor will be recited during Shabbat Yom Tov morning services on Saturday, April 27 at approximately 11am

Service Times for the eight days of Passover are listed below.

Mechirat Chametz - Selling Chametz

Visit THIS LINK to complete a short form to sell your leavened products and other food not acceptable during Passover. If possible, all Chametz, or materials containing such unacceptable food - should be destroyed or given away before the holiday begins. Should this be impossible, the Chametz may be stored in such a way that you are sure not to use it during the holiday and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends. Forms must be completed and returned no later than 12pm on Wednesday, April 17. 

Bedikat Chametz - Searching for Leaven

The ritual of Bedikat Chametz, searching for leaven, is traditionally performed the night before Passover begins, which will be Thursday night, April 18, this year. Consult the Passover Guide or view this document for information on this act of physical and spiritual cleansing. You may pick-up a Bedikat Chametz kit, including a feather, paper bag, and candle, from the lobby in Shearith Israel.

Biur Chametz - Burning of the Chametz

All chametz gathered during the ritual of Bedikat Chametz should be burned on Friday, April 19, before 12pm. If you wish to burn your chametz in the Shearith Israel parking lot, you may do so between 9:30 - 10am on that day. Consult the Passover Guide or view this document for information on Biur Chametz, the burning of chametz.

Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781