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Project Zug: A New Learning Initiative


Shearith Israel and Hadar are embarking on a partnership through Hadar’s Project Zug to empower (Chevruta) partnered learning in our community.

All are encouraged to participate, from seasoned Judaic scholars to first-time chevrutah-study participants. You may indicate your level of experience and comfort, from beginner to advanced, and will be matched with a study partner accordingly. 

What is Project Zug and their role in this partnership?

Project Zug is an online platform for Jewish Text learning in pairs. Hadar’s world class faculty has curated sources for 30 different topics, with professionally produced videos that support the learning. Project Zug provides the source material, and the platform or registration that we’ll use going forward.

Shearith Israel’s Role:

We will support your learning in three ways. 

We will cover the cost of registration.

We will help match you to a suitable partner through your registration. 

  • The sign up period begins today and ends on Sunday, June 2.
  • We’ll officially launch at our Tikkun Leil Shavuot (June 8th), but if you or your partner are not available to be there, you’ll be able to meet at your own time and place.
  • You may find and choose a learning partner on your own if you wish. When you register, simply indicate your chosen partner on the form.

We will run a weekly Beit Midrash (study room) throughout the summer with human and textual resources to offer additional support.

  • Partners can choose to learn in the Beit Midrash with a guide present, or at their own time and place. 
  • We’re recruiting a team of Beit Midrash guides. If you’re interested in becoming one, please reach out to

How do you sign up?



Indicate your partnership preferences, and which course you would like to learn.

a) IMPORTANT: If you would like us to match you with a partner, please indicate your preference of which of these classes you would like to learn first:

  • Weep, Pray, Love: Rachel in the Bible and Beyond (10 sessions, Rabbi Avi Killip)
  • Intro to the Jewish Bookshelf (10 sessions, Rabbi Avi Strausberg)
  • A Food Tour of the Talmud (10 sessions, Rabbi Aviva Richman)
  • Mindfulness and Judaism (10 sessions, Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels)

b) If you come with a partner and a desire to learn something different than these four courses, we will support the learning, but we need to limit the courses to help you find a suitable match. We encourage all partners to focus on these four courses to begin.

What’s your role once matched?

  • By signing up, you are committing to your partner to learn the material in the course. 
  • You will be responsible for setting a schedule of learning with your partner, and being present for the learning and discussion. You’ll be able to fully take advantage of the resources Shearith Israel and Project Zug offer to help you along the way.

We believe this is going to be a great way to grow our knowledge, and we hope that we are able to recruit a large number of partnerships. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to


Sat, August 8 2020 18 Av 5780