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Purim 5781 - SHARE A SMILE... 18 acts in 18 days

Purim is a time to tell the story of Esther and send food and gifts to friends. It is also a time to be generous and give to those in need. 

With that mitzvah in mind, this Purim Shearith Israel organized a community-wide campaign: “Share A Smile... 18 Acts in 18 Days!” For 18 days leading up to Purim, we sent an email with an idea for a small act of kindness a simple way to make the world a little better, a little brighter, by spreading kindness to those around you. 

Community members could take our suggestions or choose your own ways to Share A Smile. For inspiration, consider watching the family-friendly movie The Antidote, a documentary that weaves together stories of kindness, decency, and the power of community in America, reading TIME Magazine’s piece, “How Simple Acts of Kindness Can Change Lives,” checking out a recent TIME for Kids study on kindness, browsing Be Kind magazine, listening to Kind World podcast, watching a read-aloud of the kid's book “What Does it Mean to be Kind?” or enjoying some uplifting stories with expert Daryn Kagan.

Keep track of each act of kindness and log it in our (patent-pending) Share a Smile tracker below. While the campaign has officially concluded, you are still encouraged to enter your good deed(s) into the form!

In honor of the acts of kindness performed, an anonymous donor gave $1,800 to further our Ahavat Chinam initiatives!

Our community logged 1,070 acts of kindness throughout our 18 day campaign, and we're still counting!

Share a Smile Tracker Submission Form


Missed something? Want to revisit one of the days? Here's a full list!

Act of Kindness [Day 1 - February 5]: Give to families experiencing food insecurity

Act of Kindness [Day 2 - February 7]: Strengthen a connection 

Act of Kindness [Day 3 - February 8]: Protect You Environment

Act of Kindness [Day 4 - February 9]: Nourish and Nurture

Act of Kindness [Day 5 - February 10]: Find (and thank) the helpers in our community

Act of Kindness [Day 6 - February 11]: Brighten someone's day

Act of Kindness [Day 7 -  February 12]: Support health in and for our community

Act of Kindness [Day 8 - February 14]: Give to those experiencing homelessness

Act of Kindness [Day 9 - February 15]: Share the magic of reading 

Act of Kindness [Day 10 - February 16]: Help someone get a fresh start

Act of Kindness [Day 11 - February 17]: Add light to the world 

Act of Kindness [Day 12 - February 18]: Do something welcoming  

Act of Kindness [Day 13 - February 19]: Don't forget the little things 

Act of Kindness [Day 14 - February 21]: Stand up against racism

Act of Kindness [Day 15 - February 22]: Protect precious water resources

Act of Kindness [Day 16 - February 23]: Spark a love of learning

Act of Kindness [Day 17 - February 24]: Consider accessibility

Act of Kindness [Day 18 - February 25]: Build kindness into every day




Extend our Purim “Share A Smile” kindness campaign by purchasing a yard sign! They’re a fun reminder to engage in small daily acts of kindness and hopefully inspire others to Share A Smile, too! To that end, 100% of the proceeds from every $18 sign benefits the many causes that Congregation Shearith Israel proudly supports: providing meals to children in need; criminal justice reform; supporting immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers; and working to bring people together across religious, racial, and political divides.

Order a Yard Sign

Mon, June 21 2021 11 Tammuz 5781