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Tefila leadership @ CSI

Shearith Israel has a long tradition of lay leadership of tefila (prayer) and chanting of Torah and Haftara. The Religious Life Committee is charged with identifying members to lead our tefila, chant Haftarot and leyn (read) the full Torah portion each Shabbat and Yom Tov (holidays). In this effort, we want to find many different voices among our congregation to lead us each and every week. We also strive to offer anyone who is interested the resources to deepen their prayer experience, learn new synagogue skills, and the opportunity to use those skills to lead the congregation in prayer.


when/where we meet:

Shearith Israel has a twice-daily minyan and welcomes all who attend the opportunity to lead a service, if they wish. Morning minyan meets at 7:00am (or 6:50am on days when Torah is read), and at 9:00am on Shabbat and Holidays. Evening times vary, based upon the time of year. Dates and times for all services are posted on the calendar and are included in the weekly congregational e-mail.


what we do:

We would love to get as many congregants involved in our services as possible! Skill learning is self-directed and is therefore time-flexible. Our mentors will work with you on your schedule. 


how to get involved:

If you are interested in leading tefila, serving as gabbai or shamash, or chanting a Haftarah: Please contact Michael Rich at

If you are interested in reading Torah:  Please contact Andrea Seidel Slomka at

If you would like to learn a new synagogue skill, there are many resources both within our congregation and online to assist you. To be connected with a tutor, please contact:

Michael Rich:
Andrea Seidel Slomka:


In addition to these mentors, CSI’s Religious Life Committee has complied a set of recommended recordings as well as a list of online resources. All of this information can be accessed at

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