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Tefillah Curriculum

Hear Rabbi Kaiman recite the various prayers via Soundcloud.

Tefillah (Prayer) Objectives for Machaneh Shai

Click HERE for the full Objectives of Machaneh Shai Teffilot document, and view a grade-by-grade breakdown of Tefillot below.

K/1 (Auditory):

Modeh AniBarchuShema/ Oseh Shalom/ 1st line of V’ahavtahBlessings for food/ Hebrew letters recognition and every day Hebrew words

2nd Grade:

Modeh AniBarchuShemaBlessings for foodV’ahavtahEin Keloheinu/ Hebrew letters recognition and every day Hebrew words

3rd Grade:

Friday Night Home Blessings (Candlelighting and Shalom Aleichem)/ Friday Night Kiddush/ Children’s Blessings/ Ma TovuV’ahavtahMi ChamochaAleinu/ Hebrew words embodied in curriculum

4th Grade:

Ma TovuMorning Blessings (Birchot HaShachar)/ BarchuShemaV’ahavtahAmidah (first 3 brachot)/ Torah Service (1 and 2)/ Expressions of gratitude/ Hebrew words embodied in curriculum

5th Grade:

All of the above

6th Grade:

Middle Brachot of Amidah/ Ma TovuModeh AniMorning BlessingsBarchuShemaV’ahavtah/ Torah Service (1 and 2)/ Haftarah Blessings/ Ashrei/ Hatzi Kaddish/ Full Kaddish/ Aleinu

7th Grade:

Sim Shalom/ Modim Anachnu Lach/ First paragraph of Birkat Hamazon/ Reading Chumash in Hebrew and English/ Modern Hebrew words

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