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Chavurah (plural: Chavurot) is the Hebrew word for friend, or in our case, fellowship. It is a small group (6-12 individuals) of CSI members who meet on an ongoing basis to participate in Jewish, social, cultural or community service activities. CSI’s Chavurah Program has been successful in creating smaller Jewish communities within our larger congregation.

when/where we meet:

Ideally, a chavurah meets 8-12 times a year, usually at someone’s home but sometimes at a restaurant, community event, a park, or even at CSI for a Shabbat service or program

what we do:

We have about 10 active Chavurot at CSI. Some examples of what they do include:

  • Meet for Shabbat dinner, Havdalah and dinner on Saturday night, or Sunday brunch 
  • Meet for drinks and a quick bite before Friday night services at CSI 
  • Attend a movie, visit the Breman Museum, or go hiking together
  • Meet for early, family-friendly meals with their young kids
  • Meet for Sunday brunch while their school-aged kids are at Machaneh Shai

how to get involved:

We have a growing list of people interested in forming some new chavurot, and will be accepting applications to form new ones this fall.  Please stay tuned to this page for more information, or click below to submit an interest form so you can be contacted once that application is available. 

Chavurah Program Interest Form

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784