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High Holidays 5782 - Arrival, Seating & Logistics

Some say that with all of the change forced upon us by the pandemic, our spiritual needs for the High Holdays are fulfilled in other ways than liturgy and ritual. Some of us are not quite ready to gather in-person, and are not moved by virtual experiences. Others need to gather indoors with our community for the sounds of the High Holidays more than ever before. 

We are committed to providing a multiple access High Holidays this year. We know that the uncertainty many of us feel may prevent us from knowing how we will want to experience the High Holidays up until the moment of decision. 

This page presents our current plan to provide the many ways into the High Holiday experience through Shearith Israel. It's designed for all of us to accept the unknown, and embrace flexibility. 

Please read through the details below and join us as we once again begin a year with hope and prayer for a Shanah Tovah U'Metukah!


Arrival to High Holiday Services

The limited parking spaces in the parking lot and spaces alongside the synagogue on University Drive are reserved for those requiring accessibile parking. All others are encouraged to find street parking in the neighborhood — on Lanier, Spring Valley, or other streets nearby.

Welcome Center: Entrance, Guest Tickets, Student Tickets & Nametags
Entry into the synagogue will be through the Courtyard. The Welcome Center will be located in the grassy area beside the stone Shearith Israel sign in front of the Courtyard gate on University Drive. Guest and student tickets should be picked up at the Welcome Center. If you still need to order Guest tickets, please follow this link.

CSI members with tickets may bypass the Welcome Center and simply enter through the Courtyard. Please bring or pick up your nametag from inside the Courtyard.

Pre-purchased Mahzorim
If you have ordered and not yet picked up your mahzor(im), your prayer book(s) will be in Zimmerman Hall. If you still need to order a Mahzor or want to donate one, please click here.

Children & Youth Programming Sign-in

The children's programming sign-in and registration table will be located in front of the breezeway on University Drive near the playground and back entrance to Shearith Israel. Parents and guardians: Please drop-off your child(ren) here for an enriching holiday experience and then proceed to the Welcome Center or through the Courtyard to enter the building. Please click here to register your child(ren) for High Holiday programming: Infant - PreK Babysitting & Childcare / Grades K - 5 Youth Programming  



There will be three sections of seats available for congregants during High Holiday services — a regular, open seating area for anyone; a section reserved for vaccinated congregants only (no children under 12); as well as socially distanced pods of seats in Goldstein Hall. All congregants must be masked in the building.

Please note: In order to ensure there is sufficient seating for those who wish to social distance during services, we ask that the seats in Goldstein Hall be reserved for those practicing social distancing. If you historically sit in Goldstein during High Holiday services but are not social distancing at this time, please choose seats in the Sanctuary instead.

Seating Layout - View Here



All High Holiday services except for Ma'ariv leading into Rosh Hashanah Day 2 (Tuesday evening, September 7) may be livestreamed on our website, YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Livestream High Holiday Services Here

We want to encourage Livestream participants to approach the High Holiday services as your service for the year. Even though it may be tempting to pray in your pajamas, we encourage you to experience services in a dedicated environment to focus and engage with the spirit of the day. Even though we are physically apart, we are still spiritually together.


To access a digital version of the Mahzor Lev Shalem for use while livestreaming, click the button below and then enter the following password: University1180.

Digital Mahzor Lev Shalem - Click Here 

Fri, July 1 2022 2 Tammuz 5782