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Project Details


We will look at how we currently use the property, any proposed uses and how they could be accommodated by reusing and renovating existing buildings and any new structures. In doing this analysis, we will look at both indoor and outdoor spaces. We will also run estimated revenue and operating expense models to determine the net impact of these proposed investments. Other factors that will be taken into consideration: 

- Balancing security with our commitment to being a welcoming community 

- Sustainable design principles

- Flexible design and use of space

- Connection between indoor and outdoor spaces

- Connection to the neighborhood and commitment to being pedestrian friendly

- Accessibility

Phased Approach

At the completion of this first phase of Master Planning, LAS will provide our congregation with the following:

  • Program Analysis - A comprehensive analysis on how we are currently using our space, and potential options for future use.
  • Visioning Process Summary - A summary of congregation, community and expert visioning for future campus use.
  • Site Plans - A two dimensional plan view of our campus, with options based on our program analysis.
  • Cost Estimates - A preliminary cost estimates for options proposed.


The committee is still in the process of finalizing a detailed timeline, but we expect the entire process to take six months.  We will communicate more specific dates in the near future.


The Congregation has planned and budgeted carefully for this project, and the Board of Trustees has approved an investment that covers this first phase of master planning.




The recommendations in the Master Plan will be presented to the Shearith Israel community after which the Board, with input from the community, will prioritize the findings and make decisions about the future of our campus. There will be options presented that may require a fundraising campaign.

Thu, September 28 2023 13 Tishrei 5784