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Purim 5784

The festive holiday of Purim begins Saturday evening, March 23rd and continues through Sunday, March 24th. Let's celebrate TOGETHER, CSI-style! This year, we are back with an exciting, creative Megillah experience, Purim Carnival, Purim Shpiel, and a Saturday night art-themed program! More than any other Jewish holiday, Purim is about joy. Purim is about letting go of the masks of propriety and revealing our silliness. As you may have guessed, CSI has a plan! Get ready to lighten and brighten the season with yet another unprecedented communal experience and the refreshing playfulness of Purim at CSI.

Be sure to check out the video above and scroll down to check out our full list of Purim happenings!


megillah & masks: unveiling creativity in purim - saturDAY, MARCH 23rd @ 8 PM

This year, we'll kick off Purim with a Saturday evening service and Havdalah, traditional Megillah reading, and a creative, reflective mask-painting art project led by Judy Robkin replete with wine and cheese.

Please note: The evening will be family-friendly but the program is not kid-centric.

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kadima's purim fiesta: saturDAY, MARCH 23rd @ 8 PM

Our middle school youth group will gather in Zimmerman Hall for an exciting Purim event featuring a live skit, costume contest, photo booth, and delicious Mexican-inspired snacks and desserts. The cost is $5 for Kadima members and $10 for non-members.

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Megillah reading: sunDAY, MARCH 24th @ 10 aM

Come enjoy a playful Megillah reading in the Sanctuary featuring costumes accompanied with CSI's signature "Megillah Mugshots" pictorial slideshow of Shearith Israelites "performing" the Book of Esther in staged tableaux or freeze framed photographic depictions of key moments in the Purim story!

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Megillah Mugshots - Learn More & Submit Here


PURIM CARNIVAL: sunday, march 24TH @ 11 Am

Don't miss our fun-filled Purim carnival with a bounce house for 0-5 year-olds, an obstacle course for older children, games, King of Pops, and more! Adults can enjoy coffee and bagels in the lobby between the Megillah reading and the shpiel.

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PURIM SHPIEL: sunday, march 24th @ 12 pm 

We're excited for an unforgettable Purim shpiel this year, written by new member and acclaimed playwright Ali Viterbi and directed by Nancy Gorod. Come enjoy a musical journey back in time as we celebrate CSI's 120-year anniversary in fun Shearith fashion with the special production titled Ad Meah v’Esrim: 120 years of CSI History"!

But what is a shpiel, you ask? Shpiel is a Yiddish word meaning a “play” or “skit.” It is usually boisterously fun and lampoons either the Purim story characters or people in the community.  Shearith Israel has a rich history of Shpiels, and 2024 will continue on this path.

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Want to participate in the shpiel? Contact Nancy Gorod at


mishloach manot

This year, we are once again making special gift bags for each and every CSI member/family to help fulfill the mitzvah of offering one another gifts, Mishloach Manot. And we'll deliver the bags to you next week! To make this possible, we need a large corps of volunteers willing to bring these items to members' homes around Atlanta. Sign-up below to be a part of this wonderful Purim tradition!

To sponsor our Mishloach Manot gift bags (at the usual rate of $180), click the appropriate button below and select "2024 Mishloach Manot Sponsorship" at the top of the drop down menu titled "Type". 

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Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784